1. Celic, you are one of the most prolific new generation Techno composers and reached top positions in charts worldwide. Your support list is very impressive, POPOF, Monika Kruse, Boris, Maceo Plex, Spartaque, Boho, Drumcomplex, Mladen Tomic, Sinisa Tamamovic, Sam Paganini, Umek, Metodi Hristov, Ramon Tapia and more. Tell us please how has it all had happened.

Hey friends, first of all thanks for having me!

It has been a process which has taken years, at the beginning I started making music for fun then studied one year in an academy, after that I’ve devoted many time in studio learning and experimenting with sounds; because of this I met nice people and support started to arrive gradually with the releases that came out.

I must admit that for me it’s an honor to be working with and to have the support of artists I truly admire.

2. Your tacks are remixed by: Metodi Hristov, Dominik Vaillant, Barbuto, Alberto Ruiz, Andres Campo, Filterheadz, RanchaTek. What are your favorite artists to make remixes of?

Daft Punk, Popof, Julian Jeweil, Richie Hawtin, Spartaque, Drumcomplex, Umek, Monika Kruse

3. You are released on respected labels such as Form Music, Codex, Terminal M, Transmit Recordings, Set About, Agile Recordings, Say What?, Jannowitz, Jaw Dropping, Night Light. Tell us more about your music plans?

Last months I’ve been working in studio mainly dedicated to learn new techniques of sound design and have been very focused on my label Playoff in which I recently have released a single.

I did a remix for my friend Boho which was available at the beginning of August, then released an EP which included great Remix by Spanish artists Dok & Martin, Carlos Perez and I have and upcoming EP on September 4th titled ‘Magic Happens’ which includes a fantastic Remix by Rachel Raw on Drumcomplex label ‘Complexed Records’

As bonus I can say I’m helping Lars and Rachel with a new project called ‘Edition Jaw’

4. There is a huge number of DJs. What is your secret of success? How to compete and become the best?

I consider success is constructed day by day doing something positive that sums up in order to achieve the goals.
About competition, I’m not really into it; I just try to do my job best possible and have fun during the process

5. Describe your working day?

These days i’m working with my step-father in a different job so i can get incomes until events are allowed again, considering this I wake up drink a cup of coffee or chocolate, take a shower, start working and when the job is finished go to my laptop, listen to promos and/or demos, reply messages, take care of label and music stuff

6. What is better to play: in the concept of the club itself or to focus on the audience?

In my opinion both parts are important nevertheless I particularly focus on the audience. Before a gig I usually select a pack of favorite tunes and decide which one to play while performing, besides I take pretty much into account if I’m main artist of the night, warm up or closing the party

7. What will you never play? Do you have any taboos?

I usually like to arrive at the events around one hour before start playing in order to share time with audience, promoters and check that everything is doing well

8. Could you list the people who have affected you the most and how have they affected you?

Honestly many people have influenced me, special mention to my good friend Juan Ddd, all my family, colleagues and fans that have been supporting me in each step I’ve made

9. Today anyone can become a DJ, just download a couple of programs — it’s like buying a cool camera and calling yourself a photographer. How do experienced DJs look at this?

Nowadays social media and new technology have an important role because of this it’s kind of easy to be a DJ, nonetheless it’s hard to compose music and transcend through the time. For me it’s pretty important music production, that’s why I always motivate friends to be in studio, experiment with sounds and make their own tracks

10. The birthplace of techno is Detroit. What cities do you think can be called the Mecca of techno now and why?

I don’t live in Europe but most of the interesting sounds out there do come from Berlin and a lot of artists have actually moved there to get closer to the movement.
Also I consider many cities around the world have vibrant, lively Techno scenes too like Santiago de Chile, Valparaiso, Medellin

11. How do you see your further development? What are your plans for the future?

I am intending to strengthen my position and identity in South America. My plans are to release high quality music, travel and have fun as much as I can.



Get Celic’s music: https://www.beatport.com/artist/celic/196470/



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