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Grammy-nominated producer MING and chart-topping vocalist-producer SGAR have formed the dynamic duo ‘Ash Nova,’ causing a stir and making waves worldwide in House and Alternative Dance/Electronica over the past few years. Introduced virtually during the COVID-19 pandemic in 2021, they began creating melodic hooks for the Brazilian House market. Building on their early successes, including collaborations with artists like Santti, Reezer, D-Groov, Antdot, and Andy Bianchini, MING and SGAR formed the live electronic duo Ash Nova. Since then they have collaborated with notable artists such as Exminds and Maor Levi, solidifying their position in the music industry.

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With their electrifying live performance primed for action, Ash Nova is making waves in the music scene. Their progressive sound has caught the attention of esteemed labels such as Anjunabeats, Lane 8’s ‘This Never Happened’, and Andy Moor’s ‘Ava Recordings’. And they’re not stopping there—MING AND SGAR’s most recent release has been signed to Black Hole Recordings.

We’re Holding On” seamlessly blends trance and melodic techno, transcending genre boundaries with ease. SGAR’s vocals and the uplifting lyrics are filled with hope and positive energy, providing a much-needed boost in today’s world. According to Ash Nova, it’s about embracing what remains and transforming it into something new. This dynamic duo’s fresh, uplifting productions and authentic stage performances have already garnered a massive following eagerly anticipating their next move. Stay tuned because these talented artists have a lot in store. Don’t miss “We’re Holding On,” available now on all major streaming platforms:



01. Ash Nova – We’re Holding On (Original Mix)
02. Ash Nova – We’re Holding On (Extended Mix)

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Black Hole Recordings