Luca Draccar

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Italian-born and Berlin-based artist Luca Draccar has released his latest offering, ‘Leclipse’ a characteristically unsettling and provocative EP, that remains with one foot on the dance floor.

‘Leclipse’ opens with ‘Ready To Loose Control’, a track that intentionally misleads with a tranquil introduction, before hard-hitting drums, intense synthesizers and eerie textures take hold. Draccar fuses glitching intricacies and dark bass lines with jarring synth swells and gritty vocals.

‘Flying Satellites’ begins with immediate rhythmic impact as flickering synthesizer loops weave in and out of brass-style melodies, immersed in delay. There’s a softer and effortless synth melody that juxtaposes rough textures and deep vocal layers.

The EP closes with ‘I Can Stop’, a track that is at once both danceable and dissonant with its infectious bounce combined with undertones of unnerving darkness, thanks to a sparse drum machine and heavy use of distorted and delayed vocal FX.

‘Leclipse’ follows Luca Draccar’s 2022 EP release ‘Supreme Emptiness’ and is a potent addition to Draccar’s shining techno and dark psychedelic collection of releases.

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