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What can we expect from the course of your label this year?

In two words: great things!

I’ve been working for several labels in the past, and I’ve acquired so much experience and learned a lot with them. A new label for me is like my new born baby, my creature, and you know, you only give all your best to the ones you love.

Plus we are honored to have some great artists to launch –  such as: Luciana , Hoxton Whores. Ashley Walbridge and many more to come .

Where does your artist name come from?

GloVibes = Global + Vibes. I never liked when people asked me – “what is your style?” I don’t have a specific answer -music has always been like a best friend for me.  I like anything that gives me emotion and  made with originality. This is also the way I produce and play music in clubs – my sets are not  simply a playlist, but a real journey that often blend together some original tracks from 30 years ago to the some of the most modern house tunes.

Did you ever consider moving to another country?

I have already done it –  and twice!   I moved to London from Italy, where I lived for almost 7 years. It was an amazing experience and it helped my career a lot.

I’ve worked with some of the best clubs in the UK –  Ministry of Sound, The End, Fabric, The Egg and many more.  It also gave me  great visibility all over Europe where I still dj a lot. Then just over 3 years ago – I moved to Los Angeles, where I’m living completely new and different life experiences and I’m loving it!  “Young & Vicious” style.   I’m love new challenges – so you never know if you may see me in either Asia or South America in the future

What gives you the inspiration to make music? and how do you come up with the names for your tracks?

It’s a very organic process. Most of the times it comes from a personal mood – so when you hear a track from with an aggressive mood, it was probably being made while I was struggling with something and wanted to fight it.  If it’s a happy mood track, I was probably celebrating a good moment. Some times I also like to pay a tribute to some classic tunes from the past, so I use a little sample and mix it with my stuff but I mostly produce original tunes.

For the names of my tracks –  is kinda the same process.  I don’t usually deliberately think about it – it often happens while I’m composing.  Funny thing is that every single track and title reflects a specific moment of my life and most of the time I realize that only after months I’ve released them.

What is the most difficult thing to deal with when you are on tour?

To be honest with you, I love travel and I love it more when I travel for work. I also like challenging myself with different kind of crowds and situations. Some time the jetlag is the worse thing to deal with, but nowadays I can say I’m used to it! Maybe the ignorance of some promoters could give me bit of a hard time, but once I start to feel the love from the crowd – I forget everything and I start my mission of making people dance.

Tell us more about your latest release.

Well — One By One is my first track in collaboration with the fabulous, Luciana!  I’ve followed and loved her since one of her first hits —  “ Bodyrox Yeah Yeah”.  I have already worked with other great artists in the dance music business in the past – but I felt especially honored to be part of this project with her!  The first time I heard Luciana sing the a cappella  –  It was love at first sight!  She asked me what I thought about that?   I didn’t have a proper answer, because my brain had left the conversation and went straight to the studio.   I knew right away to add a whistle to go with the lyrics  and add a fat bassline for the drop.  The result is amazing! I have tested it few times already in clubs and I’m very happy of what came out and of the dance floor reactions!

Do you like to go out to listen to sets of other DJs? 

Of course!  Not only listen — but also see how they work.   What kind of set up they use, and above all, the reaction from the crowd.

Who is your favorite DJ and could you tell us why?

Well I have few of course, but my favorite one of all the time is the one and only – Little Louie Vega from asters at Work!  He is simply the best dj/producer I ever seen and listened to in my life! The first time I attended his set it was in the 1992 in a small club of my home town in Italy, and I had the fortune to be on the dj booths with him –it was such a magical experience! I have never seen a dj playing constantly for over 5 hours with 3 ( or even 4 ) turntables.  Every single mix for me was so emotional, and his sets are a fantastic musical journey. For sure — he has been my biggest source of inspiration for my dj sets.

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Not resting on her laurels, LUCIANA teams up with GloVibes on ONE BY ONE, a track in between the madness of the Big Room festival sound and the pureness of house music. Two additional remixes were done by Ashley Wallbridge and Taylor Trip & Slex. A music video for the track will soon be released as well.



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