Chelly Flame Bandz


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Chelly Flame continues to heat up with her latest single, “Bandz.” As the follow up to “Hot,” one of her most successful singles to date, Chelly brings the energy from the opening of the track. Chelly demonstrates a captivating flow and impressive hook abilities, while experimenting with big synths and 808s on production helmed by GeoGotBands. However, Chelly’s vocal delivery and braggadocio energy are never a stretch, as she sounds natural while effortlessly maneuvering her way through the beat.

Chelly puts forth an image that mirrors her ability on the mic – she always appears composed and charismatic. What’s more, she can compete with any rapper in today’s game: her wordplay is nothing short of excellent and she packages each bar with a confident delivery.

“Bandz” comes on the heels of Chelly Flame’s SXSW debut at this year’s official SXSW Takeover in Austin, TX. Chelly shared the stage with an array of incredible talent including Stove God Cooks, Young Roddy, Grip, redveil, Dubbo, Cap Gold & more

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