GHOST the much-loved dance classic from JES gets a creative redux from progressive virtuoso ZOYA

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Promoted Post BannerDo you remember 2007 and the music video for JES‘s single “Ghost”? It revealed the experience of touring the world as a renowned musician, showcasing her live performances, press interviews, and even moments JES spent with Tiësto. This remarkable singer, with her angelic voice, made a lasting impact on the music scene, earning numerous songwriting awards, engaging in massive collaborations, releasing continuous compilations, and receiving three Grammy nominations. What’s truly noteworthy is that, despite the years and successes, she has remained humble, positive, and brimming with energy. Alongside her passion for music, she continues to spread positivity, carefully cherishing it.

When you have a catalog as prestigious as JES, it is only natural to want to revisit your earlier works, and 
ZOYA is no exception. She is well known for cultivating her talents and skills, and she keeps doing it so well, leaving us amazed every single time. So, we have a classic voyage alongside JES. And another challenge, taken by ZOYA.

It’s evident that JES has been at the top of her creative game for a long time. As a singer/songwriter, producer, engineer, and DJ, ZOYA, more than anyone, knows how to recognize perfect songs and lyrics. Shaping “Ghost” into a progressive trance version was undeniably one of ZOYA’s favorite creative journeys. With JES’s tender voice and meaningful verses and ZOYA’s artistic freedom in the studio, what could possibly go wrong? Do you prefer it over the original? Before making your decision, make sure to listen to it first; it’s now accessible on all streaming platforms: 

GHOST the much-loved dance classic from JES gets a creative redux from progressive virtuoso ZOYA


01. JES – Ghost (ZOYA Remix)
02. JES – Ghost (ZOYA Extended Remix)

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