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Based out of Boulder, Patrick “Dirt Monkey” Megeath has been producing for nearly 10 years, starting with hip-hop and breaks before trying his hand at dubstep. With a keen ear for bass and a vast knowledge of music production, he has quickly exploded onto the scene with his innovative original productions and energetic stage presence.


Describe what bass means to you

Bass= low frequencies that move people in a crazy way

The weirdest thing that has happened on the road?

hmmm… probably when I played at a festival in Green River, Utah called “Desert Rocks”. I was supposed to play 2-3 on saturday night, on the second stage, (with RJD2 playing on the main stage) but there were 80mph gusts of wind causing an epic sandstorm. The whole festival got shut down, and everyone there packed into this little saloon art structure, closed off on one end by the Solar Saucer (solar powered art car with DJ booth and sound system) . I ended up playing on the Solar Saucer from 2 all the way thru sunrise, in the middle of a sandstorm, for everyone that went to the festival. Best part was I played a remix of “sandstorm” during an actual sandstorm…

Share a production trick native to your style.

Something I’ve been doing recently during mixdowns that has helped my low end a lot- turning off the monitors and just having the sub on, with the whole song playing. It really lets me fine tune the kick drum/sub situation, and lets me hear what other instruments are leaking too far into the low end. I don’t want to bore you with the details tho…..

 Is fashion important to you?

Well, on a scale of 1-10 I would say fashion is a 6. I’m more concerned with being comfortable. Big up all the sweatpants dj’s

What is your dream project?

My ultimate dream project would be to make tech house with Aretha Franklin doing all the vocals.

Have you tried the Dubstep DJ Name Generator on Hammarica.com? What was your result?

hahahah “Haterjuice Izzflash” might be changing to that pretty soon

Is there anything else you would like to mention?

Shoutouts to my fans/listeners out there, to Play Me Records, Sub.mission, and all the homies… …..also be on the lookout for my techno/house stuff coming out under the alias “Steve French”….

DIRT MONKEY will perform April 24th @ Foundation Nightclub Seattle!


www.thedjsessions.com will broadcast a one hour live performance by Dirt Monkey




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