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He is Vaski. He loves making music. 22 years old and lives in Minneapolis, MN. Likes to longboard and loiter outside of gas stations with shady looking people (his friends). 

What is your background and where do you come from?

I grew up in a suburb of minneapolis, MN. I lived a pretty normal life through high school, except I listened to tons of electronic music which was uncommon at the time.


Name 3 key elements a good dubstep track should have.

Huge drum sounds (especially the snare), sub bass and a half-time groove at 140 bpm.

Give one simple insight to one of your signature production tricks.

The best and most simple trick is to have a good listening environment (good speakers set up properly/good headphones).

What has been your favorite crowd to perform for?

It’s really hard to pick one, because I’ve had really good shows all over the place, but by fav show this month was in Byron Bay, Australia. Smaller club on a Thursday night, but everyone there was so excited and into it. Amazing vibes there for sure.

Other than making music and touring, do you have other goals you want to achieve in the next 10  years?

I want to become a master at making stir fry.

Are Apple products overhyped?

Yes absolutely, some fan boys go nuts over those things – but they are also higher quality than the competition. The Macbook Pro is the best laptop, bar none.

What is your preferred type of food?

I love most forms of asian food (chinese, japanese, korean, thai, its all good).

Best dubstep producer of 2012?

Kill The Noise. This guy has been all over the place and has settled into his newest sound with his owsla EPs. The production on them is next level.

MotorcycleWhat is your preferred method of transportation?


What genre of movies do you love most?

I love documentaries about musicians and famous people. If they are well done I could watch those all day.


Dance Music NewsWhat do you do in your free time other than making beats?

Hang out with friends, ride motorbikes, cook food.

Is there a final thing you would like to say to our readers?

“Always be yourself, unless you can be Tiesto, then always be tiesto.” – Tiesto.


– with thanks to Jessica Lansdowne.



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