Luca Draccar


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There’s a gloomy elegance to Berlin-based artist Luca Draccar’s music. It’s a statement, a communication of the underworld, avant-garde and electronically bewitching. His latest release is a three-track EP, ‘Neo Noir Plaisir.’

Draccar stays true to his innovative signature sound, welcoming the strangeness of futuristic beats and glitches, maintaining a hypnotic quality that makes it hard to pull away from. There’s diversity and dynamics throughout the record, incorporating the organic sounds of electric guitar and distorted vocals, while still relying heavily on the progressive and robotic sound that Luca Draccar is so well known for.

With each song spanning between 5 to 7 minutes, ‘Neo Noir Plaisir,’ takes listeners on a powerful and hallucinogenic voyage. Translating to ‘Neo Noir Pleasure,’ the EP casts urban shadows across Draccar’s musical landscape, a depiction of dark moments that ultimately lead to pleasure. As Luca Draccar states; ‘Pleasure on, light off.’


Neo Noir Plaisir

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