MARKOVE is at a point in his career were he is gaining traction and is is well on his way to becoming a frontrunner for the harder styles in the united states. “There is so much untapped potential for hardstyle here” His music is all about the rediscovery of one self. His new track DAWNdrew inspiration from a moment of realization that change is something that is unavoidable, regardless of the path you choose. The track Reawakenis about the final step when the rebirth is made and the whole world changes. Both Dawn and Reawaken were featured in the weekly hardstyle podcast Hardstyle Quantum by Fusion Recordsand have received airtime on Real Hardstyle FM, one of the genre’s leading online radio stations.

MarkoveMarkove: “Right now, hardstyle tracks tend to have one track element like the kick brilliantly done, but other parts lack the same ferocity. There can be a real lack of drive, no substantial energy, or a lackluster melody. There isn’t always a full package. When hardstyle was in its infancy, every track released was memorable. Nowadays, we don’t have that same vitality to the genre. With every track I make, I plan to change that. I want to bring life and emotion back into hardstyle.”

Markove produced his Reawaken EP out of his studio in Washington D.C. Over a period of three months until he felt they were perfect. He wants people to feel alive when listening to the music and through all the time and effort spent in the studio he has done just that.

Markove’s story began like so many others have, with countless nights where the combined lack of sleep and inspiration become a constant stuggle. Ideas were not coming out how they had been envisioned and the sound always took longer than had been expected to perfect. The love for the music always kept him pushing forward. The passion he puts into his music is remarkable. His passion comes from the uniqueness of hardstyle and is unmatched.

Markove – Reawaken EP

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