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Promoted Post BannerPeter Vogelaar is making waves with the recent release of his third track with songstress Cat  Dowling, “Let Love Happen.” The emotive and deep sound of Peter Vogelaar is beautifully  captured in this latest offering, showcasing a unique blend of genres and aesthetics that has  garnered attention from music critics and fans alike. 

The story behind “Let Love Happen” adds a personal touch to the release. Vogelaar shares, “Cat  & I grew up 1/2 mile apart and knew each other as kids but didn’t cross paths for 20 years! This  is my 3rd track with her, and it was lovely for me to be working with her again.” Despite being  written and recorded last summer, the track’s message remains poignant in current times.  Vogelaar expresses gratitude for the collaboration and credits the tripped-out visuals to his  buddy, the producer Catching Shapes. 

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Recent activities have seen Peter Vogelaar’s work gaining recognition. the album “Inner  Creatures” received praise from XLR8R, describing it as an “arresting and expansive body of  work.” and the track ‘Felicity Breathes’ with fellow Irishman Deaf Joe as “A gem of downtempo  Folktronica”. CULTR applauds the beatmaker’s style as “Immersive & Adventurous” 

Musical influences for Peter Vofelaar include Christian Löffler, Bonobo, Four Tet, Fejká, and  Rival Consoles. Vogelaar reflects on his early experiences in music, stating, “I couldn’t believe  that there was this whole new world and mode of expression when I started going to raves.” A brief artist bio highlights Vogelaar’s success with his sophomore album, ‘Inner Creatures,’  reaching a playlist reach of 1 million on its release week and being playlisted by Spotify UK New  Music Friday and Ministry of Sound. His tracks have been remixed by notable artists like Charles  Webster, receiving support from industry heavyweights such as Sasha, Kölsch, Eelke Kleijn, and  Black Coffee. 

As Peter Vogelaar gears up for a year of regular releases and remixes, he is hopeful for  international gigs, taking his mesmerizing sound to audiences around the world. 

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