Sometimes everything falls in the right places. Japanese artist SENA KANA is delighted as her debut single ‘ LIVE YOUR DREAMS ‘ skyrocketed to the highest regions of the iTunes charts in multiple European countries. In The Netherlands she went number one on iTunes TOP Singles chart (overall) . In France she hit the № 1 spot for the iTunes TOP Singles (pop). And in Italy she went TOP 5.

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SENA KANA is arguably the first Japanese artist to achieve such chart success in Europe. The laidback groove and dreamy vocals feel like a fresh breeze after the close of the festival season. It’s a very welcome alternative to otherwise hectic times.

The song comes with a special music video which was recorded in Oslo, Norway showcasing a futuristic appeal. One of the backdrop includes the Oslo Opera House. For this video, Sena Kana worked with famous stylist LESYA PATOKA who also developed the styling of Jamala, Onuka and other artists well-known for their wins and achievements in the Eurovision Song Festival contest.

The team was really happy with the result, but there was one thing that almost severely complicated a successful finish of the video. On the last day of shooting the music video, the team was surprised by a day of snowfall. Which meant that Sena and all her dancers had to heroically endure the cold during all the takes. But.. ultimately everything fell into place. After all, when you are truly living your dreams, there are few things that could hold you back.

“Together let’s ride this wave, a dream we’ll never wake.”

-Sena Kana

Live Your Dreams was recorded at X-Level studios; a recording facility where famous artists such as Rihanna, The Beatles, Avicii, Lady Gaga, Beyonce and J-Lo have recorded some of their biggest hits.


Sena Kana’s passion for music began at an early age. She would watch and sing to musicals like, “Mary Poppins” and “Sounds of Music” over and over again. Since then, she developed her talents by participating in theatres, clubs and performing in high school musicals.

Sena Kana took her dreams of being an artist to the next level when she was accepted into a prestigious music academy in Japan. There, she learned the knowledge and skills of fundamental music techniques that she uses to this day. After years of preparing, she still continues to work hard by diving into new sounds, new melodies, and taking new directions. With her first single, “Live Your Dreams”, Sena Kana aims to encourage everyone to go for their dreams, goals, and aspirations, as she does the same.


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