Lucas Satin is a busy bee. As the founder of tech startup Nanotrik, he and his team make and sell wearable devices for music and other purposes. But outside of his busy tech career, he fell in love with EDM and created a unique style.

Cyberluke is his alias and he is very specific about his music. Originally he grew up with Eurodance which eventually evolved in the current wave of EDM. However, Cyberluke does not like repetitive tracks that are only based on a simple beat and bass.

Cyberluke A Better Sound

When it comes to the music he likes, it’s all about the storytelling and colorful arrangements. The listener will experience fast twists without losing sight of the solid groove which is the base of his work.

The Psytrance influence is notable, but there’s also lots of room for various styles of Bass in his music.

We make wearable technology for music – such as a WiFi finger or full body motion capture gear

Cyberluke: “I’m 30 years old and I’m from Europe, so I like the 90’s Eurodance style. Yet, nowadays it is all about EDM, so I try to bring the Eurodance feel back to 2017 dance music. I also compose Drum & Bass and Psytrance, so my current work is influenced by that.

I should also mention that I’m a founder of a tech startup. We make wearable technology for music – such as a WiFi finger or full body motion capture gear. Think of natural modulation techniques on synthesizers using body movement.

We do hardware, (open source) software & design and showcase our product at various trade fairs around the world.”

Cyberluke A Better Sound

Cyberluke releases his music on his newly founded label A Better Sound. The label already signed a great number of productions/artists and even hosted a remix competition for one of its releases.

Each release is mastered by a mastering engineer who uses analog gear for extra warm sound. For selected releases A Better Sound also create music videos that capture the vibe and feel of the featured track.

The aim of the label is to release quality dance music comprising of various sub-genres including Psytrance, Dubstep and Progressive Trance. Music that works great both on the radio as well as on the dancefloor.



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