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Lies Music Video: https://youtu.be/pCWqMD-MTE4

Electronic music virtuoso AVAION shares his new single ‘Lies’, exploring the dissonance between pain and regret.

AVAION has signalled his melancholic style significantly over the last two years. Now with his latest single, ‘Lies’, he adds another masterstroke to his mesmerising catalogue of work. The splintering impact of ‘Lies’ is rich in raw emotion, emanating from the song’s intense production. 

Fuelled by the anguish of guilt and sentimental introspection, AVAION’s music has a way of clearing the fog within his mind. Through dogged past experiences, the talented producer has found a way to overturn his impassioned verve to craft compositions akin to sonnets. Feverishly deep and broodingly tender, the symbolic nature of his music has a way of tugging at the most ardent of heartstrings. For that reason, ‘Lies’ is no less of an emotional draw than any one of his prior works.

Those unfamiliar with the intensity of AVAION’s soundscape can discover for themselves through his powerful range of singles that include ‘Love Again’, ‘I Don’t Know Why’, ‘Fallin’ in collaboration with Why So Sad, and his platinum-certified hit ‘Pieces’. 

AVAION ‘Lies’ is available via Sony Music.

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