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Songwriter and multi-instrumentalist AVAION’s latest addition to his production oeuvre opens with the self-sung line “Don’t hold me back, of letting go”. These words also ring true of the explicit deepness in the raw and heart-rending music the young German virtuoso is crafting.

After years of absorbing and educating himself in the art of the creative process, AVAION discovered, the hard way, that his most refined work comes from a place of profound pain, but even from the darkness he feels within, light still shines. After 13 releases and more than 200 million combined streams, the severe impact of prior experiences is also a beacon of hope, not just for AVAION but many others. While he radiates with a more positive mindset today, AVAION remembers the internal suffering that life brings and how it can weigh excruciatingly heavy on the head and heart. He recalls that pain vividly, but beyond that sadness, way over that mountain of agony, lies a breathable place of happiness and escapism. This is what ‘Keep on Dancing’ represents—a tender reconciliation with the beauty of what’s positive inside you. AVAION’s way out of the darkness was music. Through this music, he can pick apart all the bad and good in life. Reflecting on his feelings in his music is not just a therapy for himself but has become something introspective for his growing base of fans. 

Depending on how you’re feeling, music for dancing and dreaming is how
AVAION has previously described his style. With ‘Keep On Dancing’, he’s concocted the perfect blend of this alchemy.

AVAION ‘Keep On Dancing’ is available now via Sony Music.

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