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Good Spells, the enigmatic British music producer, artist, and songwriter, has unleashed a mesmerizing sonic journey with the latest release, ‘Time Again’. This profound track delves into the heart of ‘Dark Pop’ or ‘Alt Pop’, intricately weaving experimental production with mainstream aesthetics and electronica influences.

Classified within the realms of Electronic, Commercial DnB, and Pop, ‘Time Again’ captivates with its deep, atmospheric, and energetic allure. Good Spells’ signature sound resonates profoundly, enveloping listeners in a hauntingly beautiful sonic landscape.

At the core of ‘Time Again’ lies a poignant message touching on grief and loss. Good Spells aims to provoke introspection, urging listeners to contemplate what they might do differently if faced with the last moments with a loved one.

Drawing inspiration from an eclectic mix of musical legends such as The Prodigy, TOOL, London Grammar, Glitch Mob, and Sleep Token, Good Spells’ evolution as an artist is evident in the track’s emotive depth. Embracing engineering prowess over the past year, the artist now engineers all of their own music, adding a new dimension to their creative repertoire.

Working out of the creatively charged Spells’ Lab in a converted Airstream trailer, Good Spells fuses nostalgic nuances of solo synth and sample work with ambient sound design and dark-pop aesthetics. With a background in producing for others and overseeing commercial recording studios, this solo venture embodies a passion for alt-genre, synth-driven music, and traditional song-writing.

Looking ahead, Good Spells’ focus remains steadfast on continuous creation, both musically and visually. Their music videos are an integral part of their artistic expression, promising more immersive experiences for fans.

Previous releases have garnered notable attention and press coverage, including features in LA Weekly and Red X Magazine.

For fans of emotive, genre-bending music that transcends boundaries, ‘Time Again’ by Good Spells is a must-listen, offering a sonic experience that lingers long after the music stops.

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