Listen to the release here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oZeBy9pXr_g

Promoted Post BannerMark Sherry is recognized for his mastery in tech trance and dedication to pushing the genre forward. His career, which began in the mid-1990s, blossomed as he produced iconic tracks like “Operation Blade” with Public Domain. He founded Outburst Records in 2014 and its sister label, Techburst, both of which emphasize different styles of techno and trance, fostering a space for diverse talents.

Sherry’s relentless drive and passion have shaped his reputation, leading to global acclaim through his vivid DJ sets and distinctive productions on labels like Armada and Spinnin’. He also oversees the popular Outburst Radioshow and podcast, featuring some of the biggest names in trance.

BiXX is a notable trance music producer and DJ hailing from Birmingham, Alabama, USA. He made a significant mark in the electronic music scene with tracks like Yes I Can, which found support at major trance stages and showcased his talent for crafting uplifting trance melodies. BiXX’s tracks, released on labels like Nocturnal Knights, Outburst and FSOE, have solidified his reputation as a creator of immersive and emotionally resonant trance music that inspires and energizes listeners worldwide.

Other Worlds combines BiXX’s signature uplifting style with Mark Sherry’s blow the speakers out of the club, tech energy creating a very unique track; a roller coaster of energy and emotions.  This is Tech Lifting at its finest. Guaranteed to shock the crowd with energy and emotion in a club. 

A warm and robust kick & bassline groove mixes with slick ‘call and response’ type riffs and stabs to create a serious drive that takes us up to a highly uplifting and emotive breakdown. This is where the good happy feelings end though. An absolutely hair-rising and crazy siren-lead build-up enters the fray – combined with an equally insane drop that will leave you yearning for more! 

This is the sound of Outburst!