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There was once a time when the groovy sounds of disco was the norm, but as the techniques and technology used in electronic music has evolved the true disco sound has become somewhat a rarity. However there are some producers who have learned to effectively modernize the sound while still keeping true to the roots, Toronto house legend Luke Fair is one those producers.

Released on Spirit soul, Gravitron offers two Originals (Gravitron, Blueshift) as well as two remixes of the title track by Silver city and the Babel Orchestra and a remix of Blueshift by Phunktastike. The original mix of Gravitron starts us off with a perfect introduction to the sounds of “Discoteca” as it is often called. Full of energy and melodic impact, and a true disco flair.

Gravitron steers clear of the much used technique of using a drops in energy to build a track and instead takes a consistent approach using the melodies to constantly build the intensity and groove till the very end.

Blueshift is a smooth deeper tune with a more traditional progressive feel to it. Arps and epic stadium drum rolls help build the energy leading up to an unforgettable breakdown where smooth pads foreshadow one of the most exciting and original aspects of this tune, a full fledged guitar solo which carries over into the second half of the tune where it stands in as the main lead sound helping the track reach it’s climax.

Silver cities remix of Gravitron uses a deep progressive style and sound whilst retaining the overall energy of the original mix.

The Babel Orchestra’s remix of Gravitron has a deep and groovy laid back vibe to it with a more minimal approach.

Phunktastike took the progressive elements of Blueshift and further intensified them, bringing a more full on yet still classy offering.

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