Black Hole 1473-0 (1)

Listen to the release here:

A decade ago, Juraj and Mikka launched their Driftmoon project, fusing modern trance with orchestral elements to create a mesmerizing experience. As one of the trance music world’s most productive and consistent artists Juraj continued to work alone in 2016, earning widespread acclaim with his forward-thinking techniques, rich synths, potent chord progressions, ethnic vocals and uplifting melodies. Fast forward seven years, and Mikka reunited with Juraj to honor their past releases.

Following their return in 2023 with “Addicted to Love,” it appears that their wellspring of inspiration knows no bounds. Continuously unleashing new music, they offer trance enthusiasts an endless feast for the ears. Whether it’s through Black Hole Recordings, Armada, FSOE, or any other esteemed label they’ve partnered with, each track they deliver is a transcendent experience, leaving listeners wondering if it’s out of this world. Their synergy undoubtedly shines through, complementing each other in the most remarkable manner.

Just a few days ago, they unveiled the opening track of their upcoming album titled “Earth Song” — a guitar-infused metal production! Following their announcement that their new album would surprise us and represent their best work yet, proudly set to release on Black Hole Recordings, we were introduced to another track from it. Driftmoon’s latest creation, “Falling,” is a high-energy, emotionally charged, slightly darker and mysterious trance anthem. What’s intriguing about Driftmoon’s production is the cinematic breakdowns that draw you in and envelop you completely. Brace yourselves, trance lovers, because “Falling” is about to sweep you away! Find it on various streaming platforms and prepare to experience it live somewhere soon:


01. Driftmoon – Falling (Original Mix)
02. Driftmoon – Falling (Extended Mix)