Listen to the release here: https://blackhole.lnk.to/cornfield

Promoted Post BannerFormed by brothers Torsten and Jörg Stenzel in 1997, YORK is a German electronic music project known for their Electronica, Chillout, and Club music. Their debut track, “The Awakening,” gained popularity in 1998. Next year they achieved success with a cover of Chris Rea’s “On The Beach”, which reached the top five in the UK singles chart. YORK’s early hits, like “Reachers Of Civilisation,” were featured on their first album “Experience” in 2001. Second album “Peace” came in 2005. In 2012, YORK introduced “Islanders,” influenced by Caribbean sounds. On of their later albums, “Traveller” and “Indigo,” included a collaboration with Torsten’s daughter, Au/Ra. In 2023, the single “Highs & Lows” with ATB and Au/Ra was unveiled. This year, YORK joined the prestigious trance music project, Trance Allstars.

Since January, YORK dropped several tracks, mostly with slower production. But when it comes to trance music, expect 138 BPM, packed with a lot of uplifting melodies. Simple enough, when they make a trance they do it right. On a lighter note, YORK’s production style always has a cosmic vibe, regardless of genre. And speaking of celestial results, YORK succeeded today in something unprecedented in the trance music world.

Many of you recall the blockbuster film “Interstellar” as one of the best sci-fi movies ever made. Torsten shares this sentiment and, inspired by the mind-blowing soundtrack by Hans Zimmer, he decided to delve deeper into it. With the movie celebrating its 10th anniversary and no trance mix ever attempted before, Torsten took on the challenge. He used the melody from “Corn Field Chase” to craft an emotional trance track suitable for peak-time sets. It was quite a feat, and now it’s up to you to decide if you connect with it. You can listen to “Interstellar” on all streaming platforms via this link: https://blackhole.lnk.to/cornfield


01. Torsten Stenzel – Interstellar [Cornfield Chase] (York’s Back in Time Remix)
02. Torsten Stenzel – Interstellar [Cornfield Chase] (York’s Back in Time Extended Remix)

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