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‘Double Vision’ is debut EP of melodic techno producer .aali. And wow, this is a really neat sound. The EP starts with a carefully crafted tune called Turbo. Turbo has a nice laid back tempo and builds with minimal precisions to take control of any dancefloor.

The title track Double Vision has hints of the Knight Rider theme built within it in its own special way. Nice grooves and trippy synth work.

The rest of the EP surely does not disappoint either. We are excited to hear more of .aali’s work in the future.

.aali has had a long journey to become the musician and producer we hear today. Initially experimenting with Hip Hop beats, .aali studied the work of DJ Premier and Dr. Dre, honing his own skills and developing a unique sound. After a two year hiatus, .aali pivoted into dance and electronic music to start a new journey. .aali blends together a rich mix of deep house, melodic techno, and dark disco, endeavouring to orchestrate his own authentic sound.


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