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Promoted Post BannerIn the late ’80s, techno music was a rare find, tucked away in the dimly lit corners of illegal warehouses in big cities. Back then, underground music for sure had a different shape than it has nowadays and little did anyone know that club culture would evolve into the massive phenomenon it is today. Frank Tomiczek, better known as Da Hool, was a rebel with a cause who threw himself into the burgeoning techno movement. Rising from the underground scene, DJ Hooligan became a central figure in Continental Europe, earning the title of “Underground Hero.” As he toured the globe, he left his mark by producing remixes for renowned artists like Sven Väth, Westbam, and Paul van Dyk.

Then came the game-changer: events like “MAYDAY,” where 20,000 craving fans would go mad as soon as DJ Hooligan took the decks. In 1994, his single “Rave Nation” soared to #16 on the German charts, selling over 200,000 copies after signing with East-West Records. Despite facing rejection from major labels for his fourth single, he took matters into his own hands, establishing Hool-Productions and the label B-Sides. With one of the biggest hits ever like “
Meet Her at the Loveparade,” Da Hool brought a slice of mainstream appeal to youth culture, delivering his productions straight to the heart of the club scene. Renaming himself Da Hool, he continued to dominate the DJ circuit, earning accolades and success worldwide. 

His remix of Armand van Helden’s “The Funk Phenomena” cemented his reputation, showcasing his unmatched talent and versatility. Da Hool was a standout in the world of German DJs, but his impact reached far beyond. His ability to adapt and sense industry changes led to his success across various labels, including Kosmo Rec, Silly Spider, Subliminal, Ministry Of Sound, Hooj Choons, and Toolroomtrax. From underground scenes to international stages like Tomorrowland, Parookaville, Nature One, he persevered and innovated. Putting out tracks on labels such as Armada, Spinnin’, and Kontor confirms his continued significance in the electronic music scene.

With that said Da Hool keeps doing remixes from time to time and here is another classic trance lovers for sure remember. “Hear You Now” is a remake of a track Frank created 20 years ago, which gained popularity among DJs like Tiesto and was featured on one of his famous “In Search Of Sunrise” compilations as the Grand Chillas Remix. Da Hool gives the tune a modern, energizing twist, blending melodic house and techno while maintaining its trance essence and original vocals. Feel like you’ve stepped into a time machine back to the early 2000s? With summer just around the corner, now’s the perfect time to enjoy nostalgic hits like the “Hear You Now” remix. Head over to your favorite streaming platforms and get ready to groove to the beat as you prepare for the festival season! https://serendipity.complete.me/hearyounow

Da Hool Hear You Now


01. Da Hool – I Hear You Now (Original Mix)
02. Da Hool – I Hear You Now (Extended Mix)

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