Black Hole 1467-0 Xijaro and Pitch

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Promoted Post BannerAnthony and Xander, known as XiJaro & Pitch, have been delighting trance fans for almost a decade with their pure uplifting sound. Anthony and Xander keep creating catchy melodies that resonate deeply with their audience, ensuring the tracks sound perfect. Despite challenges like Anthony’s blindness and hearing difficulties, his energetic performances always leave a lasting impression, whether he’s performing at major festivals, clubs, or their “Chasing Dreams” live sets on Twitch, which attracted a significant amount of followers during the pandemic and remains wildly popular.

Chasing Dreams podcast has transformed into a fantastic compilation in partnership with Black Hole Recordings, released last year. They hoped but certainly didn’t expect its massive success. It may be because of the genuine, positive feeling behind their music, inspiring listeners to keep moving forward. In the two-disc duration, you’ll find hot tracks from scene leaders like Giuseppe Ottaviani, Markus Schulz, Solarstone, Ferry Corsten, Driftmoon, and Ciaran McAuley, among others. One of the standout tracks on this compilation is their most popular one, “Invisible,” featuring Adara, which earned a spot on last year’s A State of Trance Top 50. And just recently, Somna delivered a brilliant remix you should also check out.

This definitely sparked another collaborative project with Adara, titled “Goodbye.” XiJaro & Pitch initially created the upbeat instrumental version, but they realized it was missing vocals. After Adara gave the thumbs up, unlike before, this time all three of them co-wrote the lyrics, drawing inspiration from Anthony’s recent personal experiences. 

Anthony shared, “For the first time in my life I was actually involved in lyrics writing, and it was an amazing experience. Moreover, it is a new sensation for me to not only be able to express my emotions through melodies, but also through words. The song illustrates the fragility of love and the power of a single word to shatter someone completely. It came came from a very deep place for me and it was an honor to have Adara’s songwriting and singing talent to make it what it is.” 

XiJaro & Pitch pointed out they avoided replicating “Invisible” by using different sounds, arrangements, and even Adara’s singing style. Could “Goodbye” get even more plays worldwide? We’ll definitely hear it live at Tomorrowland this summer because XiJaro & Pitch will be there playing. Head over to these streaming platforms to find out about this track:

Black Hole 1467-0 Xijaro and Pitch

01. XiJaro & Pitch with Adara – Goodbye (Original Mix)
02. XiJaro & Pitch with Adara – Goodbye (Extended Mix)

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