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Artwork by Laust Höjgaard

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Masked maestro Hozho takes listeners on an expedition into the sonic realms of his self-defined ‘Melodark’ groove in single ‘Wrong,’ sampled from the Portuguese DJ/producer’s EP ‘Troubles In Paradise.’

Flexing innate craftsmanship, Hozho instantaneously exudes raw emotive energy in ‘Wrong.’ Emblazoned with ethereal synth effects, defiant keys and harmonious female vocals listeners are compelled by an almost cinematic performance before becoming submerged in a grooving hypnotic beat.  

The title track and debut single taken from EP ‘Troubles In Paradise’ dropped on August 12th. Along with ‘Wrong’ and ‘Paradise Circus’ the three-track body of work is one of Hozho’s most anticipated releases to date. 

Hozho’s EP ‘Troubles In Paradise’ featuring single ‘Wrong’ is out now. 

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